Greetings !

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the 9th edition of Neerja Modi Model United Nations’17. During this conference of three days, the Secretariat members will ensure a jubilant journey throughout. Along with this joyride, we expect you to come up with broadened horizons, enriched knowledge and intelligent debates.

My name is Divyanshi Bhardwaj and I am privileged to be heading the International Press for this year along with my friend, Ishaan Madhok. Ishaan and I are both in 12th grade and trust me, that’s the only thing common between us. I am the outgoing one and Ishaan is the introverted one and tries too hard to give out the mysterious silent look, and i, on the other hand, am the open book.

Accompanying us are Priyansh Rajoria and Kriti Lahoty, 11th graders which is hard to believe. Priyansh is the one who is sure to cry with you when you cry but with chocolates and tissues, all for you and none for him; although it’ll be great if he eats some. Kriti, student of science is not a student of science figuratively; she’s sure to amaze you with her marks even though you’ll find her ‘not studying all the time’.

Press is an important part of the modern world. The power of press to impress and suppress makes it both an ancillary and a lethal tool in the modern era. Press is often regarded as the Fourth Estate and the Fourth limb of the democracy. It has got enormous responsibility so far as establishing a relationship between the Government and the governed. In a democratic set up, it is the media which strengthens the democratic norms and values and also accelerates the pace of development. In recent years the press came out stronger than ever and with the passage of each day it has come much closer to the hearts of common people and has become their mouthpiece.

Consider yourself privileged to be a part of this Press Team, as the Press has got enormous rights and privileges under the major Constitutions. The role the press plays is of crucial importance because the world sees things as the press presents them. However, with such great freedom comes a great responsibility too, and that here is true, honest and dignified reporting. In this three-day academic simulation, you shall be served with an opportunity to be a part of the International Press and experience the prerogatives attached therewith.
We guarantee you that the Press team is going to be a challenging and an exciting endeavor that would give you an experience of lifetime and would also instill the potential within you. Consider this as a golden opportunity to expand your mental horizons and to enrich your mindset.

Hope to see you join the team!

Divyanshi Bhardwaj
Head, International Press.
(Editor in Chief)